Reflecting on Social Media

In class today we watched a video called “Generation Like” talking about social media and how it can influence teens, or younger generations… aka my generation. Click on the link to see what this video is about! While this was a very informative video about social media and how it can negatively affect teens, I […]

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3 Posts in One

Conservatory on the UW Campus Let’s start off with the conservatory on the UW campus that our media class was able to visit. 2 models are present in these pictures; George Yost and Ethan Spicher. (Thank you!) The conservatory had many different plants, many that I had never seen before. It was amazing to photograph […]

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The Story of Media and Me

Phones are a device used by the majority of the population, however most do not know how media can affect them. While I am not addicted to my phone as some teens, (we all have seen those walking around, their eyes glued to their screen), I still feel the need for my phone. While the […]

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A Visit to Wyoming Tribune Eagle

We arrived at the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, ready to tour this facility. As we waited for our guides to arrive, we were already noticing newspapers and pictures hung around the room. We started taking pictures right away, absorbing all that we could in this building. Newspapers were stacked around the rooms, and famous old newspapers […]

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Vedauwoo Photography

The media class of HSI had the experience of heading up to Vedauwoo for the opportunity of exploring photography. Many pictures were taken by the HSI students, each one beautiful from the scenery they contained. Below are the pictures I have taken on this trip, each one is┬ánot edited and taken with the┬áSamsung Galaxy S7 […]

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First Day of Photography

All the photos below were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.   Tracks are imprinted in the ground outside the Geology Museum on the UW campus, leading up to the statue of a marvelous T-Rex. Focus was a large factor in this image. As you can see, the background is blurred out while the […]

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The Arrival

When my counselor approached me with a “great opportunity”, I didn’t know what to expect. Hearing the words HSI coming out of her mouth struck no recognition in me, so I asked her to send me an email with all the information I would need. Sure enough, I received an email no later than a […]

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